Yes, the handling of Afghanistan by brain-dead Joe Biden and his stooge generals is an unmitigated disaster and humiliation to the United States.  But for Barack Obama’s good friends Valerie “I’m an Iranian by birth” Jarrett; George “Open Borders” Soros; and Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers – who are managing Joe like they did Barack, Afghanistan is a great success.   

By just about every measure, the debacle that has unfolded in Afghanistan ranks as possibly the worst exercise in presidential and military stupidity in American history, an embarrassment to the United States of epic proportions on the world stage.  

Joe Biden is an embarrassment to old people.  While pictures of chaos in Kabul come through the television screen – much worse than the fall of Saigon in 1975 – Joe looked bewildered, if not completely out of it, reading a teleprompter with glinty eyes and slow, robot voice, telling the country to “get vaccinated,” while untold hundreds, if not thousands of Americans remained stranded in Afghanistan, likely unable to escape the barbaric Taliban savages and get back home.

Meanwhile, our Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the black ex-general and former venture capitalist who is busy rooting white supremacy from the military; the head of the joint chiefs of staff, Army General Mark Milley, who is obsessed with understanding his “white male rage”; and Pentagon Flak John Kirby, who says everything is fine and going to plan, make the Three Stooges look like geniuses, telling us they don’t have the capability to get all the Americans out, but they can get some 120,000 terrified, illiterate Afghanis airlifted back to the States and get them green cards.

When Joe gave a press conference on Afghanistan after 13 U.S. soldiers who were killed by the Taliban, he barely got through the teleprompter, then took a long pause, looking down, as if trying to find words, and looked up, saying weakly “Thank you.”  Then, looking out looking out at the press room said “The first person I’ve been instructed to call on is NBC news.”

That was the tell: Joe letting us know in an honest, non-teleprompter moment that someone was behind the curtain, giving him instructions on what to do and say as the nation spirals through its worst crisis in decades.

If one looks at who surrounds Joe, propping him up: Austin and Milley, incompetent Secretary of State Tony Blinken and idiot National Security Advisor and Rhodes Scholar Jake Sullivan, who read a teleprompter worse than Joe, and stone-faced, lying, fake red-haired White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki – they are all Barack Obama’s former stooges, like the majority of those now in the Biden White House.  

And if those surrounding Joe in the White House are Barack’s former flunkey’s, including the smiling, cackling, always absent-brained Vice President Kamela Harris, then who is behind them, since all Barack did was occasionally read a teleprompter better than Joe and play golf a lot.

Well, as we’ve said from this barstool many times, the people behind Joe are the same ones who sent Barack in front of a teleprompter:  they are Barack’s right brain and gal pal from the beginning, Valerie “I’m an Iranian by birth” Jarrett, and Barack’s godfathers Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the 1960s bomb maker and George “Open Borders” Soros, all who hate white America and want to take it down. 

The three of them have been working all their adult lives to (1) get more illiterate, non-Christian refugees into the country and on welfare, (2) take down the corporate white middle class, and (3) dismantle the “system of white supremacy,” which includes all things created by white males, including a constitution, and (4) make everyone poor and on the government dole  so they be the ruling elites over us all.

Valerie has been with Barack since his beginnings in Chicago in the early 1990s, when they became inseparable and her job was to tell him how everyone thought he was the next Martin Luther King.  Actually, their connection starts before then.  Valerie’s maiden name is Bowmen, but she kept the Jarrett name after her divorce, because her father-in-law was black Chicago journalist Vernon Jarrett, who ran with the communists in the 1940s, and was friends with Barack’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying commie, before Davis was moved by the Kremlin to Hawaii and mentored young Barack

Valerie was born in Iran in 1956, and spoke Persian and French before her American doctor father brought the family back to Chicago when she was four.  Her most well-known quote when she was a student at Stanford was:   

“I am Iranian by birth and of my Islamic Faith. I am also an American citizen and seek to help change America to be a more Islamic country. My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well in the transition of using freedom of religion in America against itself.”

When Barack got to the White House, Valerie remained by his side, lived in the residence quarters with the family, and ran the West Wing of the White House with her friend Susan Rice while Barack played golf in between stints in front of the teleprompter.  She was the driving force between opening up relations with Iran, giving them everything they wanted in the nuclear deal, plus sending them $1.4 billion in foreign cash from Switzerland and unlocking $114 billion in assets when Iran promised not to make a nuclear weapon right away.

Jarrett was also behind getting Middle East and African Muslims into the States during the Obama years, to places like Minneapolis and Detroit and Chicago, even Colorado, so they could shake up middle class whites and develop their own future terrorist cells.

Barack knew Bill Ayers from Chicago, the former Weather Underground terrorist from the 1970s, who set bombs at the Pentagon and Capitol with his fellow WU comrades, including eventual wife Bernadine “Kill the Pigs” Dohrn, in order to stop the capitalist imperialist warmongers.  During Vietnam, Ayers said he didn’t want the North Vietnamese to win as much as he wanted the United States to lose, just like what’s happening now in Afghanistan.

After they left bomb making, Ayers and Dohrn moved to Hyde Park, Chicago, near the University of Chicago, where they met a young, lost, bi-racial man and took him under their wings, teaching him their hatred of “the system of white supremacy,” which included the capitalist white middle class and all its institutions.

While helping Barack get into Harvard and out with a law degree, Bill and Bernadine launched Barack’s career from their Hyde Park, Chicago home, then handed the young man over to their neighbor Valerie, who worked at Chicago’s City Hall and got him into the state senate to build his resume, teaching him to sound like Martin Luther King, then off to Washington. 

Bill, meanwhile, who got a doctorate in education from the Marxist Columbia U., set about introducing “social justice” into the public schools, indoctrinating young minds that America is a white racist country and only government can solve the problem.  Ever the commie revolutionary wannabe, Ayers mantra for the past 30 years, after giving up bomb making, would be “education is the motor force of revolution.”

In 2008, with Barack going to the White House, Bill got a job as vice president of curriculum for the American Education Research Association, and with help from Barack’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, a fellow neighbor in Chicago’s Hyde Park along with Valerie, introduce into the public schools, and into young white, middle class minds across the country, that their white skin made them racist by birth.

When you hear the words “white supremacy” coming out the mouths of Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Austin, Secretary of State Tony Blinkin, and Attorney General Merrick Garland, behind the curtain is Bill Ayers, passing his favorite phrase through Valerie and Barack to our leaders.

Then there’s George Soros, Mr. Open Borders, Barack’s other godfather.   His character, if you want to call it that, was forged in 1944, when the Nazi’s came through Budapest, Hungary, and Soros’ father paid a Christian government official to hide George — then 14-year-old Gyorgy Schwartz’s — as his godson, while Gyorgy went with the official and the SS through Budapest, confiscating property of Jews sent off to Auschwitz. 

Instead of spending years on a psychiatrist couch, Gyorgy buried the shame of that experience deep inside, and after the war, emerging as George Soros, with a doctorate degree in economics from the London School of Economics, would spend the rest of his life dedicated to taking down capitalist, industrial countries and people who reminded him of Nazis.  He made his first billions in 1992 shorting 10 billion in British pounds, breaking the bank of England and sending the UK into a recession from which it has not fully recovered.

But Gyorgy’s ultimate Moby Dick obsession has always been the destruction of America.  He took all his market-shorting billions and started the Open Society Foundations, now some $18 billion, which will be the largest, tax-exempt non-profit in the world after Bill and Melinda Gates get their divorce, which funds non-governmental organizations and think tanks that are anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anti-white middle class, promoting abortion, legalized drugs, promote social welfare and gay marriage, attack capitalism and Christianity and, of course, push for open borders and the flood of illegal immigrants. 

Soros also loves to buy and corrupt politicians with his vast money, which is never hard to do.  He owns a big chunk of Congress (there are pictures on the internet of his son Alexander, who runs OSF, wearing a DACA hat with his hand on Nancy Pelosi’s shoulder, and shaking hands with Kamala Harris, supposedly after she was selected as the VP candidate for Joe). 

Gyorgy also has helped bankroll district attorneys for San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York, Philadelphia, who have turned around and let thousands of criminals out of prisons and not prosecuted shoplifters and carjackers, and have turned those once great cities into fearful, hellholes.  

George owns the Clintons, and helped get them rich by funneling pay-for-play business to their Clinton Foundation.  He helped get Barack into the White House, and his Center for Democratic Studies with sleazy John Podesta ran the transition team to staff the West Wing offices and Cabinet.  In return, Barack and Hillary, as Secretary of State, helped George destabilize eastern European countries with floods of immigrants and onto welfare.  Now its America’s turn.  

So Afghanistan has been a windfall for George, Valerie and Bill, who were likely behind the engineering of the disaster, since it humiliated America and its military, which George and Ayers wanted, because they still want to get back at the Nazis and the American imperialists that got us into Vietnam.   And the three get 120,000 new, illiterate, Muslims into America and onto welfare, to further dilute the white middle class and destabilize American democracy.

The embarrassment to the American military and the reputation of the United States as the World’s protector, which all three want, will undoubtedly damage the dollar as the worlds stable currency, which 91 year old Gyorgy is all for.

As for Barack, he just wants to community organize, and his spiritual guide Saul Alinsky said in 1972 that Organization for action will now and in the decade(s) ahead center upon America’s white middle class.   That is where the power is.”


The younger generation’s hip socialist leader Barack Obama emerges on the Internet to tell kids to go get vaccinated, since his flunky Joe Biden can’t get the job done and the government wants everyone to be able to see grandma again. Now universities are saying students must get vaccinated or they can’t come back in the fall. But don’t worry, kids, Barack may let you think for yourself eventually, once they take Grandpa Joe away and Barack get his White House throne back, but don’t bank on it.


Are Barack Obama’s godfathers George Soros and Bill Ayers now running the country and brainwashing kids? – with refugees pouring over open borders; crime and racial fear rising in cities; inflation hammering the middle class; an anti-Israel foreign policy; kids being taught to hate their white skin; and the media talking about none of it. But hang in there, middle class, if you can. Soros is 90 and will meet Satan soon, and paranoid Bill may get carried off to a nice home with padded walls.